Tunable dye lasers

tunable dye lasers

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Among the types of tunable lasers are excimer lasers, gas lasers (such as CO2 and He-Ne lasers), dye lasers (liquid and solid state), transition metal solid-state  . Matisse 2. Narrow linewidth tunable ring dye or Ti:Sapphire lasers, 550–1020 nm , >6.5 W, as low as 30 khz. WaveTrain 2. CW frequency doublers, 205–800 nm.This article surveys currently available tunable lasers; their operation and the applications where these lasers are commonly used. CW Ti:sapphire and dye . Ask RP Photonics for advice concerning various types of tunable and ultrashort pulse lasers. Definition: lasers based on liquid or solid dyes as gain media.Encyclopedia article on tunable lasers, wavelength tuning.. Dye lasers also allow for broadband tunability. Different dyes can cover very broad wavelength  premier role as a source of tunable radiation in the visible and near-visible regions of the. The spectral range of ion-laser-pumped cw dye lasers is essen-.Vista, the Peak Performance Dye Laser. The Vista dye laser offers the highest resolution (<0.03 cm<sup>-1</sup>) with the highest conversion efficiency (>30%) and the . Tunable lasers were discovered by Sorokin and Lankard [9] and Schäfer et al. [ 10] in 1966. This was the dye laser. At first, the radiation from these organic lasers . Mar 14, 2012 . Tunable organic dye lasers, usually referred simply as dye lasers, were the first broadly tunable lasers. Besides this awesome intrinsic feature, . Demonstration of the operation of a cw dye laser pumped by an argon laser Demonstration of the wide tuning capability of the dye laser from green to yellow to .

tunable dye lasers

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